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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends and Fashion Week

First off- The Betsey Johnson runway show!! I was super excited to go and see my shoes on the catwalk. Do people still say catwalk? Whatever.

I was running late and couldn't get backstage for the pre-show excitement and photos. Sorry guys.

RIDE ME? Oh Betsey you nasty gal!! The theme of the show was Tour de Betsey... bicycles! Bets came out on a bike at the end but then got off of it to do her signature cartwheel. When asked she said "as long as I'm on the runway, I'm doing a cartwheel!" I love it!

It was a fabulous fun show, as always. Then backstage I went...

"Tell us Betsey... what was your favorite part about making this collection?"
"Working with my shoe designer, Celine!! She is so inspirational!!" 


Betsey with Ciara. Two beautiful women :)

and the shoes!!!

(photos of models on runway- NY Mag the rest are my own)

Later that night......

Wendy invited my sister and I to see her friend and georgeous blogger Stacy Lomman's fashion show. I met up with Poochie after Betsey and we went together.

The show was beautiful and I was honored to be invited! My pictures were only OK so here are some I stole from Wendy...

Wendy's beautiful earring design

My favorite look...

The desiger

and her captive audience after the show

What a fun night!! I felt so inspired and was excited to see two completely different shows.

I wore my spine shoes and got lots of comments on them :)

....Ok so I was going to keep going but I'll have to continue again.... this is getting really long. Stay tuned for more and what I did the next few days!!! :)