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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Balenciaga Obsession

I obsessed and obsessed and prayed that they would be in my price range. I decided that even if they weren't, I'd tip off the black market organ people and in exchange for a small finder's fee, I would give up a kidney. 
Alas, they were over $3,000. NOT in my price range. Not even in my price orbit. 

I took my frustrations to paper and came up with this. My version of the shoes I covet. Slightly girlier than Ghesquiere's versions. Pink and a pop of leopard (Betsey would be proud) and voila! I'm redesigning a masterpiece! Take that!! 
I won't actually have them made but I feel better now that I've purged my frustration into a drawing ;)

The originals...

So beautiful it hurts.