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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Friends and Fashion Week... Fin

Wednesday was my day off from shows so you know what that means...

S H O P P I N G ! !

I got a bunch of amazing stuff but most importantly- THE SHOES!

These Miu Miu's are sweet and sexy! Yes please.

And these? These Alexander Wang booties are ridiculous. They are so high and uncomfortable but SO good...

I need to stress the height here

I mean, seriously. Yikes.

I'm in love. Shoe love is a polygamist love... But it's so good.

On to Thursday which was was the day of my last show. The L.A.M.B. show!

It was so fun and they were really good to me with the seating assignment. Betsey's people shoved me in the 8th row against the wall like a red headed step child, and you know what happened at bebe.

We were second row behind Debbie Harry and Tom and Tony from No Doubt. So cool.

And speaking of cool- look at this! No wait, listen first cause it sounds cooler than it looks.

My picture is on Vogue.com in the "front row" section of their runway coverage! I'm there along with some seriously cool celebs which in turn, made me feel pretty cool myself. Don't tell anyone that I'm really not, I wanna see how long I can fool them ;)

Now am I the only one, or does it look like I sniffed a fart?

I wish the girl that took this told me who she was. I would have backed up, pulled out an oil blotter, and smiled.

Here's my do-over. Happy me.

Anyway, the show itself was so fun and SO Gwen. Prints prints everywhere. I love how she designs things that she wants to wear herself. It comes across as totally her and 100% genuine.

A mix of dance music and classic reggae played loudly while Gavin and the boys from No Doubt bobbed their heads to the beat. It was such a cool scene, just like the lady of the hour herself.

Here are some of my favorite looks from the show

And Gwen herself. Such a cutie!

Gwen is truly amazing and sweet and talented and I am really honored to get to work with her. I'm so proud of her success in design and music and her family. It's really great to be a part of it, even if it's a teeny tiny part. I'm really lucky and I'll never forget this amazing time in my life.

After the show? The after party!

Now for my stalkerazzi photos of the night...

Before the show:

Our seats. My cutie pie little sister Katie and our friend Shin ♥ Oh and Deb.

The boys from No Doubt, there to show support. :)

After the show? The afterparty! More stalkerazzi...

Nikki Hilton...

Susan mother effing Sarandon 

Art by Mr. Brainwash